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Get the equipment, supplies, and advice from Sieler's Water Systems to ensure your drinking water is clean and great tasting.

Iron, sulfur, and tannins in your home's water can cause damage to your fixtures, discolor your clothes, and leave you with smelly, unpleasant, bad-tasting water. You can get chemical-free water purification systems featuring patented Vortech technology from Sieler's Water Systems.

Your water may contain a variety of contaminants and you might not even realize it. Common contaminants could include sodium, nitrates, bacteria, algae, viruses, mercury, lead, and parasites, just to name a few. Pregnant women and children can be especially vulnerable to the effects of lead exposure, which usually happens when older fixtures begin to corrode.

Get started with a FREE analysis of your water. Based on the results of the testing, we can help you choose the option that's best for your specific needs.

We make it perfectly clear!


A great line of water softeners, iron/ tannins/ sulphur removal systems and, reverse osmosis systems, for residential and commercial properties.
in 2023 we were voted Best in Lenawee for 7 years running for water treatment and customer service!
In business for over 25 years.
Meet our staff!
Hague Reverse Osmosis System
The entire setup includes a reverse osmosis system, methane removal, sulphur removal, a mixed carbon tank, and chlorine injection- this kills bacterial iron and sulphur while purifying your drinking water.
James Ryan is our Service Manager. He's been with Sieler's Water Systems for 20+ years
2017 Commitment to Excellence Award from the Adrian Area Chamber of Commerce

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Julia Harke
Tyler McCrate
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Les Sieler

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